Friday, January 26, 2007


i am an organizational freak.

this morning i found what might be the greatest thing to happen to shoes since jessica simpson's line.


spin the wheel o shoes, vanna! it is magnificent. i need one. need.

it is clearly not within my budget. but for the sake of my peace of mind, just knowing that my lovely shoes will have a home, will make it worth it.

and then!

i will have room for these babies:

sigh. what a lovely day for shopping.


Maurey Pierce said...

Ha ha. I can relate. You should see my desk.

Just to let you know, Legal Disclaimer was not aimed at you. I keep getting nasty emails from my ex. He assumes because parts of the story have grains of truth in them, the entire story must be entirely true. Grrr. Let the record show I have never left a gentleman friend's home without my trousers.

Anonymous said...

Foolw-up to above post: My blog is now private. Email me at coachmcguirk(at) and I'll add you to the OK list.