Saturday, April 21, 2012


i know. it's been a while. i'm finding that i think about blogging a lot, which i'm sure means nothing to you. i often feel like i'm narrating my life and noting to post, versus actually posting. 

 little bebe turned one. it was magical. walking for months, she is practically running now. and climbing on things, not knowing how to get back down, one foot tentatively exploring the edges to see how far down she would actually fall.  

she is the best thing i have ever done. hands down. i know that i can't take all the credit, and it's a weird way of putting it, but i can't help it and it's the phrase that i think every day.

i can tell she is going to be a pleaser. she likes to make us laugh. but i can also tell that she's headstrong, stubborn, and a little bit wild. 

so many things that my mom said never made sense until now. i am grateful for the understandng. 

okay. it's late (i know, i'm super lame now) and i wanted to clear my head of some thoughts before heading to bed. kiss kiss.