Monday, June 28, 2010


it was a lovely weekend in north carolina.

i arrived early on saturday morning.

after some tea and breakfast, i took a nap.

like, hard. i woke up in a pool of drool (lovely) and feeling like my eyes were crusted together. nahsty.

we took what should have been an hour drive (with my navigation skills and inability to focus) and turned it into a good hour and thirty-five minute tour. but we arrived at cameron village. lunch at cafe carolina (delish!) and a sauvignon blanc later, and i felt recharged.

we walked around and gabbed. it was nice to catch up.

ended the night with this movie. dumb chick flick. but there were definitely some funny moments. light-hearted. perfect.

just like the quick weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


i'm out this weekend.

heading to spring lake, north carolina.

i take the red-eye out tomorrow evening, and i arrive in north carolina on saturday at seven in the wee hours of saturday morning. sigh. already kind of tired even though i am excited for the super short visit. i'm kind of all, what is there to do in fayetteville?

like, time magazine said it was one of the top five places in the u.s. to sell a house? and...? it's america's most pro-military town? and...?

i'm not sure what to expect, and i don't like when i'm unprepared. good heavens, what shall i wear? it's humid and in the nineties (oh perfect). my most-hated weather. escaping the heat for the humidity.

but...i think it will be a lovely weekend.

a couple of days of killing time, catching up, and hopefully some yummy eats.

that's really all i need.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


the thing about minnesota is, well, you gotta grow up there to love it.

we went back this past weekend.

looking forward to an escape from the heat.

except. it went too much the other way. it was rainy. at first, that was nice because the air still smells fresh and clean. but it got gloomy. the sun does a lot for the attitude, and it was missing all weekend.

but, we stayed inside, with family and friends, where it was bright.

i miss minnesota, but sometimes the weather just lets me down.

thank goodness for family and friends. mwah.

Saturday, June 05, 2010



thank goodness the romance isn't dead.

we are going here for date night.