Thursday, February 10, 2011


the h and i are headed to cabo tomorrow morning.

i cannot wait. this week has been brutal.

and the onslaught of the h's family coming to visit us in the upcoming month (!) is unreal:

[we pause the writing of this post to let you know that bebe has hiccups!]

2.17 - 2.21: his brother/sister-in-law + four kids and his sister/brother-in-law
2.20 - 2.27: his mother and her boyfriend
2.28 - 3.15: his grandmother

i wonder if the universe is just trying my patience. preparing me for little one. although i have to admit, i do love playing hostess. i love filling my house with guests.

who knows? all i know is that i need this mini-babymoon.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


at the end of the day yesterday i received some disappointing news.

i guess you never think that you're really going to have to choose between being a mother and having the career that you want.

they tell you that you can have it all.

but in reality, the people that you think are behind you the most, are actually the ones keeping you from getting there.

it's sad really, but i suppose we just reconfigure our expectations and move on.

Monday, February 07, 2011


so there are certain things in our home that drive me bonkers.

for one, our dishwasher.

arizona has hard water. super crazy hard water.

i'm talking, it's embarassing the white residue left on our glasses. after that, even handwashing doesn't take care of it. which drives me even more nuts. we stopped drying in the hopes that would work. nope. now everything comes out residue-y AND wet, so i use the drying rack a lot more. big drips of white come off of everything. it worries me. i don't want bebe ingesting that.

i am determined to find a fix.

enter: this little guy.

i refused to buy it for $17.99 off amazon. i tracked it down at an ace hardware for $5.99. i've heard that it's available at wal-mart for $3, but ace is closer for me.

i am now running it in an empty dishwasher and making a wish.

next home peeve: pigeons on the patio