Friday, May 29, 2009



dc sure knows how to show a girl a good time.

we had dinner at bangkok joe's, accompanied by mojitos and lychee martinis.

a round of pad thais please, tofu, shrimp, and chicken.


after dinner, we headed over to cobalt and 30 degrees lounge.

a girl's safe haven from stupid pickup lines and dirty looks and possible fist fights with other girls. so lovely.

of course, h and i are never safe, and we were the designated hags to a group of fabulous-looking twenty-something males. once i brought out the camera, all the stops were pulled. posing and flashing and hugging and laughing (read camera flashes, of course).

it was eighties night.

i repeat, eighties night.

what a treat - we danced until the wee hours and headed back to our hotel. i passed out like a drunken sailor for about five hours, when h decided we should take a quick tour of the city before her train left for philadelphia.

needless to say, i was in pain in the morning. ouch. i am not twenty anymore.

but i can still shake it like i am!

Monday, May 25, 2009


memorial day.

driving range this am.

fashion square mall for some shopping.

happy hour at ra. crunchy spicy tuna roll. tootsie maki roll. yellowtail roll.


tonight we are heading over to k and d's house for some light eats and guilty treat (the bachelorette).

off to dc tomorrow - have a great one!


Friday, May 22, 2009


i made the bf join me for a GMAT prep class last night.

it was terrifying. i had to take deep breaths.

i know i will do fine on the verbal and written assessments.

but as far as the quantitative section...

well, i am probably screwed. for 75 minutes.

the scary thing is that that GMAT is an adapative test, so if you get questions wrong, you will start to get easier questions based on your already weakened score. eep!

that, and the $250 price tag just to take the test.

aargh. i better gets to studying.

area of a triangle, anyone? anyone? you mean that's not regularly used in everyday life?!

then why would it be on the test?! why?!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i am going to meet two of the greatest people on this earth next week.

for just one night.

my london roommate, h, is visiting the states from nigeria.

she has plans in philadelphia and orlando, but she is making a pit stop in washington dc to meet me and our friend j.

for just one night.

i am flying for 4+ hours and staying less than one full day to see them.

j is from belize and the most loveable gay man i have ever met. h is beautiful, nigerian, and so so strong.

for just one night.

but i get to stay here.

and have dinner here.

with two fabulously brilliant friends.

so it will all be worth it.

Monday, May 18, 2009


back from san jose.

such a lovely weekend with the family. shark fin soup at dinner. dim sum for lunch. bbq with family friends for dinner.

and then a quick flight back early sunday.

so glad the bf could be there. he is so charming. and my family adores him.

i have been thinking about him a lot today.

i smile a lot when i do that. my heart feels good.

sometimes you get lucky and you meet the one while working at banana republic at the mall of america.

of all the places.

straight out of the scenes of every romantic comedy ever made. ha!

meet-cute my butt.

Friday, May 15, 2009


last night the bf and i went out on a date.

when he interviewed here in december of 07, he brought me down here to experience a bit o phoenix with him.

we had dinner at phoenix city grill.

fell in love with the pot roast over mashed potatoes, sprinkled with dried, sweet onions. mmm.

we tried it again last night.

the bf = pot roast, me = baby back ribs. beer for both.

it was a wonderful meal.

but it wasn't exactly the same.

yet moments like last night remind me of exactly why the bf is my best friend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i cannot wait to get out of here this weekend.

not that the 100-degree temps are just killing me.

i get to see the fam!

we are all making the trek to visit my aunt donna in cali.

i think it will be a very nice weekend for all of us.

escape. from. it. all.

the start-over that is my life at the moment.

take me away.

Monday, May 11, 2009


this private thing sucks.

for one thing, my readership has dropped WAY down (from like 6 people a day to 1), and for another, it's really annoying.


this past saturday i started golf lessons (when in arizona...). it was really fun (even in 100 degree heat).

i don't know how many times i say that i just do not enjoy the heat down here.


the lesson went extremely well. considering how uncoordinated i am.

he already has me pegged as the dramatic one.

imagine that.