Sunday, July 25, 2010


i have been down lately. not sure if it's hormones or workload or lack of exercise or what.

but it's true.

the husband said to me last night, "you've been a glass half empty person lately, and it doesn't seem like you."

and i know it.

i just can't seem to pull myself out of it. i've been turning to retail therapy. friend therapy. busywork.

the plus side is that this weekend i wrote out all our remaining wedding thank yous, filed all my paperwork, picked up everything i need to finish some birthday favors, reconciled my receipts, and made iced tea. mm!

the downer is that i'm still not me.

hoping that the dark cloud above me passes soon.

Monday, July 19, 2010



bucked my natural tendencies and bought a toaster yesterday.

um, it's not steel. or white.


and it's delicious. like, truly, amazing. and gorgeous. and totally clashes with our red laminate cabinets.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


the husband and i escaped the heat this weekend.

we drove up to flagstaff by way of sedona.

gorgeous. the red rocks of sedona are truly a sight for sore, tired eyes.

we stopped at the cowboy club for lunch. i tried cactus fries. nopalitas cactus. breaded and deep-fried. it didn't help. tasted like soggy green beans cooked in too much vinegar. sigh. i'm glad i tried 'em.

we arrived in flagstaff. the difference in degrees was amazing. brilliant.

for dinner, tinderbox kitchen. jalapeno mac-n-cheese, duck leg confit, garlic crumbs, truffle oil. red wine. delish!

we tried to spot the moon at the lowell observatory (read: i am a night sky freak). cloudy night + sliver of waxing moon = no telescope viewing for sophie. sad. but we did get passes to come up again. and trust me, we will.

it just keeps getting hotter!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


i miss having a journal.

this fourth of july we were in boston. with family. and it was so lovely.

i am really, truly blessed with a fantastic family and people who love me.

sigh. and massachusetts, even the 'burbs, is gorgeous.

our family dinner reception was a full traditional happy chinese family meal. huge family-style portions, lucky noodles, double happiness, and a tea ceremony.

i know sometimes i complain about my family and all the drama. cousins that never rsvp or send xmas gifts (even during our cousin exchange). uncles that borrow money. aunts who babysit for their grandchildren in lieu of nannies. they can be very, um, new england-like. very country club, we don't tan in the sun, we have summer homes in maine, like. not that there's anything wrong with that. i quite like it, actually. it's just that, well, as a family of five marooned in minnesota, we grew up having our own fun. and our tight-knit family is exactly what i like.

this weekend, however, i was very, very grateful to be surrounded by so much family. wherever they live.