Thursday, August 12, 2010


star-gazing in our backyard tonight.

the meteor shower? amazing.

i know, i'm a super nerd. but i like it. the night sky is mesmerizing. and makes you feel very, very small. in a good way.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


the clouds finally parted.

just returned from a friend's birthday celebration in reno/lake tahoe. ah-may-zing. silver legacy hotel. brew brothers. lake tahoe boat cruise. bbq dinner. wine. fabulous!

but what i'm really excited about?

the dining table i found. and picking up tonight! i've been coveting this table for years. when i was finally ready to buy a dining table (that would seat more than two people), i found out it was discontinued. boo. i started my search for another table i could adore ( know, right? who adores a dining table?!)

i saw it on craigslist earlier this year. i lost out because i didn't want to pay $250 for it and 10 chairs (so, so stupid). it came up again. i sent a note too late and it was already sold. but, third time's the charm! saw it, sent a note, and getting it! the best part is the price she wanted. under one hundred dollars! not to mention that the table has rarely been used and is boxed up from her recent move. perfection!

i want. i need. i bought. i can't wait!