Thursday, May 29, 2008


my bro and his fiancée arrive tonight.

i am very excited to take them around.

there is an out of africa wildlife park in camp verde, arizona.

it sounds like fun, and i think my brother would go out of his mind with all the animals. he's the guy who loves national geographic and animal planet. the chasing. the top ten fights of all time. the migration patterns. all of it.

i also want to take him for dim sum at the golden buddha restaurant in the (ah-hem) chinatown of phoenix.

we also have an ulterior motive for bringing the bro down to phoenix. we need help buying some sort of router that will enable us to walk freely untethered throughout the apartment while still connected to that great source of entertainment, the internets. right now i am typing in my usual spot on the couch, anchored by my laptop. i yearn for the freedom of wireless internet. the bf insists we cannot buy a router without the aid of an expert. i can only guess it's because he will buy the least expensive router he can find while i will inevitably go for the one that matches our decor. amateurs.

that's about it for now - let's hear it for short work weeks! yippee!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend.

it's been good for me. the weather in arizona has been ideal.

i know it won't last for very long, but it's feels great today.

nest news:

our new bed.

our new pillows.

and a little something for me:


Thursday, May 22, 2008


i was telling the bf about a favorite text message that i received from him.

...remember when we were boarding the plane, you sent me a text message and it said: babe, do you have any food, i'm really hungry...

...and you spelled hungry h-u-n-g-e-r-y...

the bf said, "like the country?"

Monday, May 19, 2008


i have returned.

just in time for a heat advisory.

today, it is may 19. and it hit 110 degrees today. in the desert. where i live.


there is something very, very wrong about that.

the weekend in minnesota was wonderful. i hear that we stumbled upon the nicest weekend in a while. and i'm glad, because it was so green and bright. and fresh. i could cry just thinking about it.

we had a couples brunch at gigi's on saturday morning. we hung out with my brothers and fiancees. i got my haircut. i went shopping on france avenue and stopped in caribou. e and i had dinner at bagu. on sunday we had breakfast at zumbro cafe. sitting outside at church. playing at a park with the bf's niece and nephews.

i was overwhelmed with how much i have in minnesota.

and when i was flying into arizona this morning, i saw dirt, and mounds of rock, and short, squat buildings.

well, let's just say that my eyes are very tired.

Friday, May 16, 2008


it feels amazing to be back.

on the flight's descent, i could see the outlines of the lakes.

i saw all that blue/green, and i thought:

this is how the world should look.

and then i thought, no, this isn't how the world should look. it's how the world i know looks. sometimes all it takes to gain a little perspective is to see how everything looks from someplace else.

thanks for a great welcome, mn.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


i am seeking minnesota.

here is a typical email from me:

hi there,

hope all is well. things with the bf are great! i love him. and he loves me!

everything else is okay. work is barely okay. the heat is rising. save me!

take me back,

can anybody hear me out there?! hello??


i am just. so.


i am trying to try something new.

i don't know why i thought this might be easy.

it's funny because the easy part is the bf.

the hard part is everything else.

he is leaving for minneapolis today. lucky. i won't be joining him until tomorrow, but i am dreaming about it today. beaujos. broders. the kids. bagu. southdale. brunch at gigi's.

so many great things. see you soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


the bf and i have been nesting lately.

meaning, i shop online for furniture and he still has full veto power.

he says he's easy, but he's wrong.

we went to an antique trove yesterday, and i spotted this chair:

for $145. i offered $100. they countered at $125. if you want to see it at retail, please see here.

we left the shop without it, and i have been thinking about it since. look at those lines! the design! the simplicity!

the reason that i didn't buy it right away is that i don't think he loves it like i love it. and usually that wouldn't matter, but since we are trying to peacefully cohabit, i want him to like the pieces that we have in our home.

i'm beginning to realize that he won't love everything i love. i just wish he would. or pretend he does. grin.


i miss my mom.

my 'rents are in houston this weekend, en route to san jose in a couple of days.

they called me this morning, all excited that they are getting great deals at the coach store. as usual, my dad asks me if i need anything. as usual, i reply that i don't need anything.

and i don't, because they have always given me everything i have ever needed.

and more.

i missed being the first to call today. my brother beat me. i'll take second though.

just for today.

happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


last night we had dinner with a former co-worker of the bf's and her husband.

we went to malees thai bistro.

appetizers of siamese kisses and crispy vietnamese rolls. pad thai. crispy pla. sticky rice and mango for dessert.

it was a very lovely way to start the weekend.

in other news, i found these online:

i usually don't go for knickknacks, but i fell in love with them!

Monday, May 05, 2008


it's a new moon tonight.

i am over. whelmed.

i don't know what it is, but there is something about new moons that keep me hopeful. the sky is bigger than a challenging job or an unsure future. the moon will continue to go through phases.

and so i will.

and yet, i will continue to see tiny slivers of moon and big fat chunks of moon and complete whole moon pies.

all i need to do is look up.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


i am testing out a new yoga studio.

it is within walking distance to work.

my coworkers and i tried it out last thursday.

a yin class, for restoration.

i loved it.

and boy did i need it.

i feel more balanced.

yoga at heart.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


happy first of may.

this is my favorite month. and it has started out favorably.

coincidence? i think not.

for lunch the girls and i went to switch.

i had the pesto beef panini with a hot jasmine tea.


the best part was some fun get-away-from-work gab time.

invited to a first friday pre-party for tomorrow night. it will be a lovely evening for a downtown artwalk.

cheers to a great new month.