Saturday, February 27, 2010


whew. what a week.

tonight is our first night alone in our new house since we moved in last saturday.

that's right.

the MIL and her bf came to stay with us, starting from friday night.

here are some things i just want to get out in the open, even though i claim to be over it:

1. please don't go into an empty guest room, grab a white bath mat off the floor, and use it as a doormat
2. why would you remove the child-proof locks from the cabinets under the kitchen sink?
3. i get that you're on vacation, but please try not to rub in my face how you've gotten to try the spa and outdoor fireplace before we do
4. don't. touch. my. stuff
5. i don't expect you to do my laundry, but when you run your swimsuit in the dryer and don't ask if there is anything else we have to throw in there, i will get angry
6. go ahead. fill our fridge with your favorite foods and drink
7. park your car in the carport. it is obviously more important than mine
8. leave food on the counter. there are no bugs or varmints in arizona
9. i understand that you were thinking of us when you bought two patio chairs. i just i could have picked them out
10. i thought it was just normal courtesy to ask before mounting speaker shelves on the wall

goodness. so glad to have our home back.

Friday, February 19, 2010


we are moving today.

it's a lot of work to move. and we don't even have that much stuff! it's just hard to get everything organized enough to move. i'm one of those people that really like to box and label. purge and pack. stack and admire.

it's a beautiful thing when i have time to do it.

the bf, however, likes to do it a different way.

different in that he has no method. and that kind of drives me crazy. as you know, i am *somewhat* of a control freak.

it's going to be a long night.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


so this is not my wedding dress, but i still think it is delicious.

yummy. big fan of short dresses. when you're a shrimp with hips, like me, you need to wear a dress and not have it wear you. i think this does it perfectly. so what if it costs twice as much as my actual wedding dress? it is quite the confection.

Monday, February 15, 2010


hope you had a wonderful valentine's day.

the bf and i were flying back from a family-filled weekend in minnesota.

exhausted. emotional.

upon landing, we drove to the grocery store to pick up some items for dinner. we roasted baby red potatoes and called it a meal.

just another day.

and then he gave me this:

now, if you've read my blog at all you know that the bf doesn't like to buy jewelry. moreover, he hates tiffany & co. so i know it took a lot for him to buy it. he also hates valentine's day. with a passion. he must love me a lot. grin.

happy heart. day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


what a week.

thank goodness for thursdays.

it's been a really rough couple of days for me. i don't know what is up (full moon?), but things have been very difficult. i feel sensitive. emotional. and a little bit unstable. things with the bf have been disconnected. we haven't really had a good conversation in a while. constant fighting about the wedding.

it's unreal. i'm exhausted.

i'm hoping next i will be back on track.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


oh dear.

i really, really, hate our upstairs neighbors. they are so loud and disrespectful. i can't stand that even though we have called property management endless times, i've documented the times that i've heard him over a particularly anger-fueled weekend, and a proposed mediation meeting by management, they still doesn't get it.

i hate living on the ground level. two years ago when we moved in the bf and i were thinking "temporary situation." the ground floor apartment was to help in moving furniture in (read: no elevators). two years later, and life just caught up with us. stuck.

but today, today, while taking a lovely saturday afternoon nap and being woken up again by them, i was filled with rage yet again.

stupid loud walkers and bouncey dog.

argh. get me out of here!